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125 Years

of Cinema Festival

The birth of Cinema is linked to the first public exhibition of "The Arrival of a Trai at La Ciotat Station", a short clip by the Lumière Brothers. 125 years later and here we are: on the age of streaming services, where all movies imaginable are just a few clicks away.

During an entire year, Telecine holds this Festival to celebrate Cinema's history. Every weekend, a selection of different film movements, directors, genres and pioneers is aired on Telecine Cult, a paid-TV channel, and also available for streaming on Telecine's app.


I myself was the art director and main designer, being responsible for creating the Key Visuals and keeping track of the visual branding of the festival as a whole, as well as designing the handbook (page by page), social media material and many others assets.

Creative Manager: Maria Emília Silveira / Creative Coordinator: Weber Nascimento / Creative Production Coordinators: Erica Malugani, Luciana Gomes and Bruna Soares / Motion Designers: Patricia de Faria and Produtora Conteúdo / Graphic Designers: Andre Manoel and Yasmin Campbell / Creative Producers: Shantala Guedes, Juliana Luz, Kassio Araujo, Elisangela Almeida and Matheus Duque / Creative Writing: Bruna Scot, Moises Liporage, Roberta Prazeres and Daniel Magliano / Curatorship and Content Specialists: Bruno Roedel and Karina Branco

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